I usually always feel disappointed with massages because they are not firm enough. If you like a firm massage you won’t be disappointed here, I always feel like it really makes a difference when I have a massage here. Plus the the place is really beautiful, relaxing...


The atmosphere was so calm and relaxing the best massage I’ve ever had been to a few but this one was far the best have recomended this venue already to friends and family


Professional team, relaxing atmosphere and efficient message. Highly recommend .


My partner had a yoga treatment booked . They phoned to say that the lady who does3 this was not there so they gave us an alternative treatment or a re schedule booking. I thought this was a very nice thing to do. Both out massage were fantastic


I thoroughly enjoyed my appointment with Anita. It was very relaxing as soon as I entered the venue. A cold day outside it was lovely to enter the room smelling of lemongrass and warm. The offer of soft, medium or strong was great. I went with medium but as my neck...